Thursday, January 1, 2009

molten lava cake~

this choc cake known as molten lava cake..its so easy to make..and consist a little number of ingredient..ant its also cheap.. while i had my part time job at 5 star resort..this type of cake is really popular among their customer.. its received higher demand almost every night ...and become the identity cake for the this simple and tiny cake can cost almost Rm 30++?but its worth as they served its with baskin robins ice cream..hmmm...during the partime..i'm wondering..if that so difficult to make this type of cake??are the recipe used cost much money??i'm really have no idea that time..until then..i made a research in the internet..and really shocking of its simplicity in making as well as i give a try without no doubt...hehe:)
this is how my cakes looks like just after its cooks...don't over bake its..its will change its texture...but..i over bake it as well..haha..but just a little..wrong timing and temperature+my first experience made this cake..this is the secret why its call molten lava cake..
can u see the molten lava in the center??
yup..its supposedly have much molten lava inside..but as i said before..i'm overbake its a the lava not much molten..but its still there anyway..hehehe..the secret of this its texture and baking process..but its not can still give a try even u don't have much experience in cake making..u can count on it..again..check properly your baking timing as suggested (10-12 minute)and used the correct temperature suggested(400F=220C) u will able to have your own delicious lava cake..the recipe i used is suggested in this worth tutorial from the you check it out..

the tutorial